Multi Cooker Lu Rou Fan (滷肉飯)
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
17 oz (500 g) shoulder butt – cut into about 1 cm small cubes 2 tbsp dried shrimps – soaked for 30 mins and chopped ¼ cup (50 ml) good quality soy sauce 4 tbsp dark soy sauce ¼ cup (50 ml) rice wine – I’m using Shao Tsing 4 tbsp fried shallots 2 tbsp fried minced garlic 2 star anise A pinch of five spice powder 1 piece of medium size rock sugar / 2 tbsp white sugar Some hot water
Recipe type: Meat
Cuisine: Chinese
Serves: serves 4
  1. Select the sauté function and set for 15 mins. When the pot is hot, add in 1 tbsp oil and diced pork.
  2. Sauté until most of the water has evaporated, about 8 mins.
  3. Add in dried shrimp, star anise, sugar and continue to cook for about 1 min.
  4. Add in fried garlic and shallot, rice wine, dark soy sauce and soy sauce and continue to cook until the meat is coated thoroughly with the sauces.
  5. Add enough hot water to just cover the meat.
  6. Close the lid and switch to beef/lamb function. The default time is 30 mins.
  7. After 30 mins, let the cooker depressurize and open the lid.
  8. Set to sauce thickening function for 10 mins.
  9. When you achieve the desired consistency for the sauce, stop the cooking. Mine was done in 8 mins.
  10. Serve with warm rice, green leafy vegetables and hard boil egg. Spoon extra sauce over the rice.
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