March 17, 2017

Tiramisu Cheesecake

March 1, 2017

Latte Chiffon

Who likes Latte? Me! Who likes Chiffon cake? Me! This subtle coffee flavored chiffon cake is made for all coffee lovers out there. This fluffy and moist sponge cake goes so well with what else, but a warm cuppa latte. If you are caffeine intolerant, using decaffeinated coffee would be most ideal. In this day and age, health-conscious people and would avoid overly sweetened desserts and cakes. Like me. The level of sweetness errs towards the milder side so if you have a sweet tooth, you might need to adjust with more sugar...
February 10, 2017

Double Chocolate Banana Cake

Banana cake is one of my favorite cakes I would make over and over again, it’s almost an obsession. Over the last couple of years, I’ve experimented with a few different hybrid from the original recipe and this Double Chocolate Banana Cake is the latest addition. Fudgy, moist and loaded with chocolatey flavor, they are incredibly easy to make and guarantee to satisfy any serious chocolate cravings you might have...
December 28, 2016

Sago Pearls with Melon

Tapioca pearls also known as Sago is a popular ingredient in many Asian dessert recipes. Made from the pith of palm stems, these opaque little balls turn translucent when cooked. This soupy dessert is so easy to make and very perfect as a light and refreshing ending to any meal. The beauty of this Sago Pearls with Melon dessert is the ingredients are so interchangeable and versatile, there is absolutely no rules when it comes to the types of fruit used. If melon is not your thing, feel free to use mango, pomelo, watermelon, peach, etc...
December 7, 2016

Pistachio Cake with Irish Buttercream

My Pistachio Cake with Irish Buttercream is this Christmas’ sleeper hit. I was pleasantly surprised by the 100% approval rate when I gave out this cake to my taste testers. While I admit there are many steps to making this cake, it is not as daunting as you would imagine. I actually completed this triple layer 8-inch cake over a span of 2 days. Reason being – I started baking them a tad too late in the day and it got pretty dark by the time I finished cooling off the 3 sponges. So I wrapped each sponge with cling wrap and keep them in a cool place. The next day, I continued with the frosting and finished assembling the cake...
December 2, 2016

Thai Iced Tea Cupcakes

These Thai Iced Tea Cupcakes are an unusual breath of fresh air from the traditional Christmas bake suspects. Infused with the aromatic Thai Tea leaves, the cupcake has a faint floral fragrance, and is delicately sweet without being overpowering. Did I mention they are incredibly moist too? Don’t be fooled by these dainty-looking cupcakes. They are in fact so easy to put together, I would trust my 5-year-old niece to make them for me. Seriously. If Thai tea is not available, feel free to substitute with Earl Grey, Chai or any type of tea you like...
November 30, 2016

Snow Capped Gingersnaps

Once again, Christmas is around the corner, time to put on that apron and get busy! I’ve been meaning to try out this Snow Capped Gingersnaps for a while and I’ve finally gotten round to making them. These slightly chewy holiday cookies are super easy to make and while they are not as flashy as Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies or Famous Amos, they are delicious. The spices in the cookies are just perfect to put everyone in the holiday mood. Your kitchen will be smelling like Christmas too!...
November 25, 2016

3-ingredient Easy Honeycomb

Burnished and caramel sweet with a light hint of occasional bitterness, this 3-ingredient honeycomb is the perfect food to bring around with you due to its ease of preparation, and ability to keep very well. Unlike chocolate, honeycomb does not melt easily and makes a convenient sweet treat...
October 28, 2016

Lemon Pudding Cake

The word pudding evokes a dessert that is dense, wiggly and cloyingly indulgent. Depending on where in the world you are, pudding can either be a sweet and comforting steamed dessert, or a gelatin based creamy treat. Either way, pudding is almost always as delicious as it sounds. This decadent Lemon Pudding Cake is sharpened by the acidity of lemon and raspberries before being snowed with icing sugar. This creates a perfect balance of taste and texture which excites and comforts the taste buds almost instantly. Blueberries, blackberries and strawberries can also be used instead of raspberries for a slightly different feel and flavor...