Beyond The Bear's Kitchen

October 18, 2016

Food Review: Din Tai Fung Celebrates The Launch Of Their Iconic Sauces

Known internationally for their 18 intricate fold xiao long bao, Din Tai Fung needs no introduction when it comes to their sumptuous line-up of authentic Taiwanese food. Last week, I attended a Media Culinary Workshop, to celebrate the launch of exclusive Taiwan sauces - Premium XO Sauce, Fragrant Chilli Sauce* and Taiwan Chilli Oil*. With these three of the restaurant’s most popular sauces, you could now recreate some of DTF restaurant-worthy dishes at home...
October 11, 2016

Food Review: redpan – a local fusion love affair at Marina Square

sian-Western fusion joints are no strangers to Singapore and redpan at Marina Square aims to redesign the culinary experience by serving Singaporean fusion food. This is my second time visiting this creative joint and the brain child behind it is our very own established homegrown architect firm DP Architects...
September 29, 2016

Singapore Restaurant Week – October 2016

Attention all foodies, culinary explorers and personnel who take great pleasure and adventure in eating and dining. The annual Singapore Restaurant Week has arrived once again, and it is highly recommended that everyone starts preparing for this lavish, indulgent and educational experience. Come 22nd to 30th October 2016, Singapore shall once again, enter a week of dining and culinary renaissance. The theme for this year’s event is labelled as ‘Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice’, so be prepared for an immense treat...
September 20, 2016

Food Review: Mercado Spanish Food Market Launches in CBD (closed)

One of the newest 'rice bowl' establishments has recently opened in Raffles Place. Called Mercado, the concept of this eatery can be concluded as casual with spunk. Drawing on European, notably Spanish cultural influence. Fuss free dining with quality ingredients, the food selection clearly reflects the concept being portrayed. Food at Mercado draws mostly on Spanish cuisine with some International & Western influences. This can easily be seen in some items offered such as bulgur, couscous and beetroot salad. Bordering on a healthy living approach, this eatery will not disappoint as well if you are into substantial portions...
September 8, 2016

Food Review: Maziga – Indian Style Street Food in Clarke Quay

Tucked away from the riverside of Clarke Quay is Maziga, a trendy Indian Bar & Grill, where they are set on rewriting the perception of traditional Indian food. Helmed by the team behind one of Singapore’s premier Indian restaurants, Punjab Grill, Chef Javed Ahamad has created a menu offering Indian styled street food with contemporary twists yet retaining the familiar Indian flavors...
September 6, 2016

Food Review: Experience the “sixth flavor” at Stellar at 1-Altitude

For a limited period only, Chef Christopher Millar has come up with a Kokumi Constellation 8-course menu, focusing mainly on ingredients from Kyoto and Hokkaido. I always respect chefs who believe in using sustainable ingredients and Chef Millar is one of them. Staying true to his progressive Australian cooking style and using the finest Japanese Ingredients, he has interpreted these flavors through the “sixth taste” kokumi which refer to mouthfulness or heartiness...
August 16, 2016

Cafe Review: Cocoa Colony Launches New Menu

Since the opening of their flagship store at [email protected] a year ago, I did not have the chance to visit Cocoa Colony until recently. However, I often find myself at the other outlets at Shaw Centre and The Star Vista. Truth be told, even though they specialize in avant-garde chocolate products, I’ve only tried their dark chocolate mocha so far. Consider I’m an (almost) chocoholic, I think I should be ashamed...
August 9, 2016

Food Review: Kitchen By Food Rebel – Organic Clean Eating hits the Singapore CBD

With the rising trend of organic food and clean eating, I was pretty excited to be introduced to Kitchen by Food Rebel. Located at 28 Stanley Street (Telok Ayer Area), I could already anticipate the high turnover from the CBD lunch crowd. Mention clean eating and the no. 1 food item that pops into (almost) everyone’s mind is salad. At Kitchen by Food Rebel, besides their attractive organic multi-color salads, this hipster café cum bistro joint offers a variety of nutrient-dense Buddha bowls, 100% Austrian wheat floured sandwiches and even Asian inspired hot meals...
August 4, 2016

LAC Taut® Collagen Mocktail Drink

In this hectic and stressful modern age we live in, we girls know it’s more important than ever to do all we can to maintain a healthy and youthful skin complexion. Feeling stressed? Didn’t drink enough water? Not maintaining a balanced diet? Not getting at least 8 hours of beauty sleep? I can safely say we are all guilty of at least one of the above. I first came across LAC Taut® Collagen Drink from a popular Taiwanese beauty program 女人我最大 (Lady First List) in 2014. Collagen found in our everyday food is too large to break down so by breaking down the collagen molecules through revolutionary hydrolysis process, they can be rapidly absorbed by the body. The powerful age-defying ingredients not only help to hydrate the skin, it repairs and rejuvenate damaged cells and regular consumption could help to brighten the overall skin tone too. I was sold and that was when I became a convert of this powerful antioxidant drink...
July 14, 2016

Food Review: Stellar at 1-Altitude – Truffle Constellation Menu for month of July

When I found out Chef Christopher Millar had created a truffle constellation menu for the month of July, I was eager to find out how it would fare. The star of the eight-course degustation menu (S$190++ or S$285++ with wine pairing) is none other than the Manjimup winter (black) truffle from Western Australia, which apparently, is in season now. Arriving at Stellar at 1-Altitude, it’s impossible not to be struck in awe by the glass windows overlooking the picturesque sight of the marina...
July 5, 2016

Review: #KrugxEgg – The House of Krug Puts the Egg into the Limelight

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? According to archaeologists, the latter. On 23rd June 2016, the House of Krug launches its book - Poached, Scrambled or Fried? in Singapore, featuring an essential ingredient that might be considered simple - egg. Thanks to seventeen of the world’s highly talented Krug Ambassade Chefs, their inspirational and unique egg-based creations, paired with Krug Grande Cuvée are seamlessly brilliant and complex...
June 23, 2016

Restaurant Review: Souper Tang (汤师父) – Popular Malaysian Herbal Soup Brand is Now in Singapore (closed)

Souper Tang (汤师父) is a familiar name in Malaysia. Actually, they were previously known as Taang Shifu but has undergone a rebranding as Souper Tang. Sis and I always visited their City Square outlet in Johor Bahru whenever we were there for some retail therapy. I was thrilled to learn they have just opened its doors in Singapore, right in the heart of Orchard Road, within a new F&B cluster in The Centrepoint. Gone are those days when herbal soups are always bitter and hard to swallow. Thanks to the skillful chefs, the double-boiled soups are exceptionally appealing and tasty, yet retaining the maximum benefits out of the various Chinese herbs...
June 16, 2016

Restaurant Review: The Seafood Krub – larger than life prawns (Closed)

Located at the ground floor of the Centurion Student Living Student Hostel (opposite Selegie Rochor Beancurd stall), we discovered this 2-month old not-so-Japanese Izakaya Grill eatery by chance. Even before stepping into The Seafood Krub, the air was scented with tantalizing whiffs of barbecue aroma...
June 9, 2016

Food Review: Sing Hong Kong Café at Everton Park (Closed)

Mention Hong Kong cafés in Singapore and it usually will not invoke any sense of excitement nor compelling reason to set it as a lunch/dinner venue. Ironically, whenever we visit Hong Kong, we would spend half our time queuing outside Cha Can Teng (HK style cafés) just for a bowl of instant noodles or milk tea. Okay, there’s more than just those items but you get the drift...
June 7, 2016

Restaurant Review: Lewin Terrace

Nestled in between the Central Fire Station and Philatelic Museum, Lewin Terrace is in fact named after Major-General E. O. Lewin, the General Office Commander in Singapore from 1933 – 1935. Located just 2-min walk away from Registry of Marriage, I could definitely see why this is a popular wedding and solemnization event for couples tying the knot...
June 2, 2016

Restaurant Review: Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House – Quayside Isle Sentosa

It has been a while since I set foot in Quayside Isle so I was excited to visit Blue Lotus, the only Chinese restaurant on that stretch. Started in 2013 by Emmanuel Stroobant Group and Ricky Ng (former Chief Operating Officer of Tung Lok Restaurants Group), Blue Lotus is named after the opium den from one of the volumes of The Adventures of Tin Tin. It is pretty obvious their vision and strategy is for diners to get hooked on their food and come back for more...
May 31, 2016

Review: Kang Kang Express Meal Kit

May 26, 2016

Restaurant Review: The Wagon

Tras Street has got to be one of our favorite dining destination. Having read some favorable reviews on The Wagon – a 6-month old restaurant serving up French cooking, tapas style, we made a reservation over the weekend to check it out. The appetizers were wheeled to us on a wagon trolley. We were told by the friendly server the dishes on the wagon changes daily so we will likely find some other dishes on our next visit...
May 5, 2016

Food Review: Crystal Jade Prestige – Mother’s Day Special

April 28, 2016

Food Review: JINzakaya

Felt like some yakimono aka meat on sticks so we found ourselves at Jinzakaya. This retro-chic Japanese Izakaya by the Les Amis Group is located at 1 Farrer Park Station (connecting to One Farrer Hotel & Spa where we parked)...
April 21, 2016

Gills N Shells – Modern European Seafood Bistro

Thanks to Google map, we found our way to this modern-looking seafood bistro. Located within a new hotel at Jalan Sultan – Hotel Boss, this 1-year old establishment looks set to woo seafood lovers with their seafood centric dishes.
April 19, 2016

WGS 20 Best Chefs “Gastronomic Jam Sessions”

The WGS 20 BEST CHEFS “gastronomic Jam Sessions” were one of the main highlights of the entire World Gourmet Summit 2016. It spanned across the whole weekend, with food and wine masterclasses that featured 20 of the world’s best culinary talents. I was thrilled to be invited to attend one of the masterclasses by Lee Kum Kee over the weekend...
March 24, 2016

Restaurant Review: Binomio Spanish Restaurante

Serving authentic Spanish Tapas and good quality wines, Binomio Spanish Restaurante is one of the latest, popular Spanish restaurant nestled right in the heart of Craig Road. The name Binomio literally translated as pair / duo and it’s not hard to imagine why they came up with this name. Upon entering the restaurant, you are greeted with a contemporary design of wood, bricks, tiles and artwork. A lively Tapas bar is situated near the entrance and less than 10 steps away, an elegant fine-dining room awaits you.
March 17, 2016

World Gourmet Summit 2016: 20th Anniversary Celebration – 28 Mar to 24 Apr

Boasting fine wines and delectable world cuisines, the annual World Gourmet Summit (WGS) will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. It is the region’s most talked about premier food and wine event, catapulting Singapore to the forefront as a dynamic international culinary hotspot...