How to Clean Sand Out of Clams (No Soaking!) and Devein Prawns

I’m a huge fan of clams and prawns! Whether grilled, stir fried, steamed, etc, I just can’t get enough of their natural sweet and briny taste. However, there are (many) occasions when the gritty sand in the clams just ruin the whole experience.

The usual way of purging those annoying sand from the clams is the soaking method but today, I’m going to show you a fast and efficient way to ensure your clams are 100% free from sand! This method is widely used by professional Chinese chefs and I am super stoked to learn this tip from one of them.

Firstly, the fresh clams are rinsed thoroughly with running tap water. Then, they are thrown into pot of boiling water to cook for about 30 seconds.


Once the shells are opened, the sand will be spitted out into the water. Quickly strain and remove them from the boiling water and dunk them into a bowl of fresh, clean water. You do not want to risk overcooking the clams as they will be cooked further based on the type of dish.

Lightly rinse the clams and they are ready to be used!


I’ve also included two methods of cleaning whole prawns, including the prawn head so you could go ahead and suck on those juices safely and hygienically.




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