Food Review: 63Celcius at Orchard Paragon

63Celcius is a sparkling dining establishment located at Orchard Paragon. Priding itself on seasonal ingredients, unpretentious food and a culinary flair that draws influence from all over the world, 63Celcius is a definite inspiration to the culinary scene in Singapore.

Coffee Bar Counter.

Coffee and Bar Counter.

63Celcius prides itself on the culture of sharing, so make sure you dine there with family and friends. Coffee lovers will also be delighted to know that the establishment works with AllPress Coffee Roasters, and produces great quality coffees.

Opt for a seat the bar counter to witness the chefs in action.

Opt for a seat the bar counter to witness the chefs in action.

Wine connoisseurs can also rejoice in knowing that 63Celcius has an extensive list of both old world and new world wines, with much loved varieties such as Cabernets, Grand Crus and Sauvignon Blancs. The cuisine can be described as modern, innovative and contemporary. Featuring a mix of Asian and Western cuisine, it is a place where any diner will feel comfortable in, regardless of their taste preference.

Current menu.

Current menu.

63Celcius chicken rice

63Chicken rice, $18++.

63Chicken rice – Tender poached chicken and aromatic rice is served alongside with homemade chilli sauce, crunchy cucumber and pungent fresh coriander. A refined version of the more common, but equally delicious chicken rice. Comfort food with an upscale twist, the chicken is moist and tender, and the flavor of the rice is excellent. However, it seems that although extremely flavorful, the rice appears to be slightly undercooked on that day.

Barbecue shortribs

Barbecue shortribs, $38++.

Barbecue Shortribs – American black angus beef in a whooping 600g-700g portion. Char grilled and serve alongside a homemade special sauce, tangy mustard and seasonal pickles. A wonderful combination. The dish is quite well prepared overall but some may find the ribs a little too fatty for comfort.



However the pickles provide a tart contrast which cuts through the richness of the beef. Likewise, mustard is always a good condiment in neutralizing the heaviness of meat. A little (maybe not so known) fact, mustard not only compliments beef for taste reasons, its acid and other compounds also helps aid in its digestion.

Spanish Duroc Pork

Spanish Duroc Pork Chop, $28++.

Spanish Duroc Pork Chop – The pork is tender and moist and Spanish pigs are known to be of fine quality. At 63celcius, the porkiness of pig meat is further enhanced by its pork jus, also known as a premium pork sauce made from the reduction of pork stock, wine and other aromatics. It is understandable that some people who are less fond of pork may find this overwhelming. However this dish is complemented with acrid leeks and burnt pepper, which helps to soften the strong pork taste and further increase it in depth and dimension.

Prawn and Oyster

Prawn and Oysters Linguine, $25++.

Prawn & Oysters Linguine (spicy option)63celcius serves this dish in both mild and spicy versions. Go for the mild version if you are heat intolerant, as the spicy version can overwhelm you. Spice lovers will rejoice in the spicy option though, so the choice is entirely up to your taste, preference and tolerance of heat.



The linguine served looks more like fettucine, which is probably not a huge issue but this statement is made on pure observance. Whether you are more partial to the mild or spicy version though, you would probably agree that the saline and haunting seafood aroma of prawns and oysters combined, are a perfect match for this pasta dish.

Vegetarian Pasta, $

Vegetarian Pasta, $18++.

Vegetarian pasta – A cross between Italy and Japan. Spaghetti is served with San Marzano tomatoes, forest mushrooms, chilli, garlic and kombu (Japanese kelp). Do note, the heat level in this dish is very high as well. An inspiring combination of ingredients which pairs up the bursting sun-riped tanginess of tomatoes with the earthiness of mushrooms and umami taste of kombu which is further accentuated with pungent garlic and tongue pricking chillis. However, despite this dish’s creative twist, the taste can be considered good but rank with us as rather average.

Tuna Tartare, $20++.

Tuna Tartare, $20++.

Tuna Tartare – Raw tuna fish is meaty but bland. Compared to raw salmon, tuna fish can be considered rather flat in taste and texture. However, because of this, raw tuna can be considered as the perfect blank canvas for a myriad of flavours, which is what 63Celcius has identified and done. Tuna is probably the closest fish that comes close to meat (apart from raw whale meat but technically whales are mammals and not fish), and 63Celcius has paired up tuna with a sweet and sour ponzu sauce, baby red radish, spring onions and wasabi. This gives this dish a raw, meaty texture that is spiked with acidity, saltiness and a slight dose of heat. Raw food and tartar lovers, this dish is definitely worth trying.

Caramelized Apple Crumble, $

Caramelized Apple Crumble, $10++.

Caramelized Apple Crumble – one word to summarize this dessert – good. Caramelized baked apples are topped with crunchy filo pastry, dry crumble and smooth vanilla pastry cream while topped with sun ripened sultanas that are bursting with summer sweetness. A true party of the tastebuds and senses.

White Chocolate Pav

White Chocolate Pave Mousse, $10++.

White Chocolate Pave Mousse – Essentially a white chocolate mousse served with crushed raspberries, milk soil and baked almond flakes. A good combination in theory as sweet and milky smooth white chocolate mousse serves as a perfect backdrop with the sour and bright raspberries and crunchy toasted almond flakes. However, there was one issue, there was not much taste of the white chocolate. The entire mousse tasted more like thick chantilly cream. However, the mousse was not so sweet and should therefore, be acceptable to health conscious diners.

Check out the marbling!

Check out the marbling!

Overall, 63Celcius is cool and hip place to hang out. Good food and good coffee with an inspiring cuisine, and a reasonable price range. Whether you are there for fine wines, coffee and cake or a full blown dinner, 63Celcius is definitely worth a visit.

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63Celcius Orchard Paragon
290 Orchard Road, #04-09 Paragon, Singapore 238859
Tel: +65 6100-6363 | Website

Opening hours:
Daily: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm (last order 9.30 pm)



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