Food Review: RedRing Treasures Cutlet Noodles

RedRing Treasures can now be found at Wisma Atria. This delightful noodle store had humble beginnings in Holland Drive and is renowned for its signature ‘red sauce’ doused on its noodles. Now, it is famous for its crispy fried chicken, pork and fish cutlets, and the countless variations that come with it.

RedRing Treasures Cutlet Noodles Wisma Atria


RedRing Treasures is made special by the fact that its signature sauce and cutlets were developed by a chemistry student. Thus adding a special X factor to its food. If you want to experience how science can be factored into culinary, look no further than RedRing Treasures.

RedRing Treasures Cutlet Noodles Wisma Atria

Chicken Cutlet Noodles,

Chicken Cutlet Noodle, $5.90.



Chicken cutlet is one of the signature items of RedRing Treasures. Paired up with their in-house noodles and signature sauce, this Chicken Cutlet Noodle dish is a definite winner. All of RedRing Treasures cutlets are marinated for 24 hours and freshly fried, so it’s no wonder that their signature cutlets are crispy and very well-seasoned. In terms of their signature sauce, it is best described as being very similar to that of a delicious wonton noodle sauce.

Salted Egg

Salted Egg Squid Cutlet Noodle, $8.50.



Squid can be rather tricky as they can turn rubbery when overcooked. Not so for this Salted Egg Squid Cutlet Noodle. Their squid is absolutely tender. Salted egg sauce pairs up deliciously with the squid cutlets, although the sauce seems to be rather runny. If it had a bit more body, it would have been perfect.

Pork Cutlet Noodle,

Pork Cutlet Noodle, $6.50.

This Pork Cutlet Noodle is as good as the chicken cutlet noodle in every single way. Except for the fact that pork is a slightly heavier meat. So some may prefer the pork cutlet over the chicken cutlet. It’s all up to you, and how your mood is for the day.

Assorted Mushroom Fritters,

Assorted Mushroom Fritters, $8.50.

Lovers of mushroom, and deep fried items will thrill at this Assorted Mushroom Fritters dish. Crispy, crunchy and yet vegetarian friendly (can’t say the same for healthy though), this makes a rather lovely starter for any occasion. Do note that the mushroom fritters are rather bland when eaten on its own. However, they are served with an amazing garlic aioli which makes eating this treasure an absolute pleasure.

Chicken Croquette, $6.50 (5 pcs).

Chicken Croquette, $6.50 (5 pcs).

Chicken Croquette – personally, I found their Chicken Croquette acceptable. There was nothing bad about this dish but nothing spectacular as well. However, if you are a fan of chicken pie, you may want to give this a little try. The croquette’s filling tastes identical to an average chicken pot pie.

RedRing Treasures Curry Sauce.

RedRing Treasures Curry Sauce.

When I prodded the owner of RedRing Treasures on what other items are much loved by its customers, she said that their homemade curry is another favourite. So curry lovers, you may want to give this a shot. However I did not try this curry of theirs, and therefore cannot comment on its taste and quality.



All in all, RedRing Treasures is definitely worth trying. With its emphasis on specially tailored recipes, freshness and meticulous marinating process, it is no wonder this establishment serves up a fantastic fare.


*This is a collaborated post in partnership with RedRing Treasures Cutlet Noodles.


RedRing Treasures Cutlet Noodles
Food Republic Wisma Atria, Stall 6, 435 Orchard Road Singapore 238877
Tel: +65 9680 3201 / 9675 1208 | Website

Opening hours:
Daily: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm




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