Food Review: Burp Kitchen & Bar – Tanjong Katong’s New Kid On The Block

This intimate, amiable bistro is Burp’s second outlet. Located in a quiet neighborhood at Tanjong Katong, I was eager to try out the items on their interestingly, American-street food inspired menu.



Burp Kitchen & Bar has a healthy selection of draft, craft and dark beers. If beer is not your poison, there is a good range of cocktails / mocktails for you to unwind.





Feeling peckish, we opted a few of the recommended items from the menu.

Burp Kitchen menu Tanjong Katong


Apparently, the menu is relatively different from their Bedok outlet. As there are some limitations with that kitchen,  fried food items are only available in this menu.



The food appeared in no time, and we gave them their well-deserved Instagram-moment shots.

Smokey Stout WIngs, $14

Smokey Stout WIngs, $14.

Glazed with stout-infused BBQ sauce, these wings are bronze-fried to crispy perfection with a juicy interior. While chicken wings are always deemed as comfort food, the sauce is well-rounded, with a harmonious blend of spices, elevating this appetizer to a gourmet level.

Bulgogi Kimchi Fries, $

Bulgogi Kimchi Fries, $12.

Even though the strips of bulgogi-marinated beef are unforgivably flavorful, and the gochujang aioli is playfully unique, I failed to see the harmonious connection between these two combinations with the fries. Perhaps switching to minced beef might be a better option.

Baja Fish Taco, $

Pork Carnitas Taco, $12.

The texture of the pulled pork is really tender and that’s a good sign. All in all, this is one flavorful soft shell taco. I just wish there is a serving of salsa to dunk the tortilla chips into.

Truffle Mushroom Carbonara, $

Truffle Mushroom Carbonara, $13.

Next, we dive into this plate of velvety pasta. Other than a lack in the salt department (could be due to the inadequately salted pasta water), the linguine was cooked perfectly and the light, silky carbonara sauce laced with a kiss of truffle scent coated each strand marvelously.

Burp's Beef Burger, $

Burp’s Beef Burger, $13.

The hefty homemade beef patty was soft and juicy, so much so that they almost fell apart with each bite. That being said, if you like your burger patty tender, then you will absolutely enjoy this (like me). A couple of my dining companions felt it could be firmer. The crispy fries that came with it was dusted with the right amount of Cajun seasoning.

Curried POrk Burger, $

Curried Pork Burger, $12.

Looking at the avalanche of cheeses, I almost mistook this as the Triple Cheese Burger. They meant business with this Curried Pork Burger. The heat level in this burger was too much for some of us to handle. Between bites, I had to reach for my Indica beer to cool down. Otherwise, it was tasty enough, offering the right amount of mouth-watering fatty juices.

Triple Cheese Burger, $

Triple Cheese Burger, $15.

I had to reconfirm twice with the staff and chef that was indeed the Triple Cheese Burger. And it was. I wasn’t sure where the triple cheese went, they were nowhere to be seen. Missing cheese aside, the smoky bacon doused with BBQ sauce created a multi-layered effect on the taste buds.

Cross section of BUrp's Beef Burger.

Cross section of the Curried Pork Burger.

Price wise, there is absolutely no complain especially for the generous portion, especially with no GST & service charge imposed. The serving was so substantial that most of us were only able to make half a dent to our food.

Lost Coast Indica Beer, $

Lost Coast Indica Beer, $11.50.

If you are an EPL fan, this would be a perfect avenue to kick back with a couple of ice cold beers and catch live screening of the games.



All in all, Burp Kitchen & Bar has most of the ingredients to get things right. But it’s early days for the new Tanjong Katong venue. We thoroughly enjoyed the cozy ambience and warm service from the friendly staff.



Since there are already a plethora of cafes and restaurants in the east, competition is naturally fierce. In a city of foodies with high expectations, we’re sure it’ll step up its game as it settles in. I look forward to trying their well-crafted recipes when they are executed even better in the near future.



*This is a collaborated post in partnership with Burp Kitchen.


Burp Kitchen & Bar – Tanjong Katong
259 Tanjong Katong, Singapore 437047
Tel: +65 8428 1134 | Website

Opening hours:
Tue – Fri: 4:00 pm – 12:00 am
Sat & Sun: 12:00 pm – 12:00 am
Mon: Closed



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