Food Review: VLV – Latest Dining Destination at Clarke Quay (closed)

When we talk about Chinese restaurants, images of ornate décor and red lanterns come to mind, well at least for me. When I stepped into VLV, the latest F&B establishment in the heart of bustling Clarke Quay, the beautiful modern décor instantly made me feel like cozying up to the place.





Foodwise, don’t expect to be served with your standard Chinese cuisine. In fact, you will experience refined Cantonese flavors and seafood variations reinvented exquisitely by the hands of Executive Head Chef, Martin Foo. With more than 25 years of culinary and management expertise under his belt, Chef Foo’s illustrious culinary skills and knowledge are visibly showcased in every dish.

VLV Singapore Clarke Quay restaurant


Charles Heidsieck Champagne, ($38/gls, $168/btl).

We started off with some crisp Charles Heidsieck bubblies to get the mood going.


Crispy Dragon Skin, $15.

Fried to shatteringly crispy perfection, this fried eel skin coated with salted egg yolk, pumpkin and topped with Tobiko roe is the perfect prelude for what’s to come. The avocado salsa that came with it provides a burst of freshness to this sinfully good appetizer.

Calamari Rings, $15

Calamari Rings, $15.

While I’m wowed over by the Crispy Dragon Skin, I couldn’t say the same for the Calamari Ring. Perhaps the squid rings are so thinly sliced, they are somehow lost inside the slightly greasy but crispy batter.

Kagoshima Kuronuta

Kagoshima Kurobuta Char Siew, $32.

While many other restaurants offer similar dish, this Kagoshima Kurobuta Char Siew is easily one of the best I tasted so far. Torched to a glistening burnished perfection, each piece of the well-marinated char siew simply melts in my mouth. I was lucky enough to savor 2 pieces before they were snapped up by my dining companions.

VLV Beggar Chicken

VLV Beggar Chicken, $58.

If you are in need of some stress relief therapy, you should order this dish. The deboned chicken is wrapped with lotus leaf and enclaved in clay. In order to enjoy this dish, you’ll be provided with a mallet-looking wooden stick to break the clay. My dining companion had a ball of a time whacking through the clay.



After all his ‘hard work’, we were rewarded with silky soft chicken meat and underneath it lies a treasure cove of chestnuts, bamboo shoots and ceps.


VLV Peking Duck, $110.



Other than the usual accompanying ingredients like spring onions and cucumber, VLV Peking Duck also comes with Goma Hoisin Sauce, Truffle Foie Gras Sauce, avocado, crispy bean curd skin and even caviar making the wrapping experience a really fun and delectable one. Oh, and yes – the duck skin did not disappoint and live up to its crispy skin status.

Sri Lanka Crab

Sri Lanka Crab Steamed with Egg White and Bonito, ($9/100 g)

To showcase the freshness of their seafood, this Sri Lankan Crab dish is simply steamed in egg white, bonito and garnished with Ikura roe.

Poached Ocean Fish

Poached Ocean Fish, $45.

I’m a huge fan of fish soup so this is one of my favorite dishes as well. Poached snapper velvety smooth broth. Served with a side of fried bean curd rolls, they are the perfect vehicle to soak up all the goodness in the broth.

Sizzling Romaine Lettuce, $22.

Sizzling Romaine Lettuce, $22.

Some of the other popular items on the menu also include Sizzling Romaine Lettuce ($22), Kimchi Fried Rice ($28), Or Nee ($12), Oriental Cheesecake ($12), and Luohan Jelly with Longan Sorbet ($12).


Riverside dining.

VLV aims to conquer the dining and entertainment scene by offering a 4-in-1 experience to diners. From dining to clubbing and an outdoor alfresco watering hole, it is set as the ultimate lifestyle destination.

Courtyard area.

Courtyard al fresco area.

It’s too early to tell if the new restaurant will live up to its hype, but for now it’s an enjoyable meal with some hits, some misses, and a very awesome char siew.



*This is a collaborated post in partnership with VLV.


3A Merchant’s Court, River Valley Road, #02-01, Singapore 179020
Tel: +65 6661 0197| Email|  Website 

Opening hours:
Lunch: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Dinner: 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Club Lounge
6:00 pm – 3:00 am

12:00 pm – 3:00 am

Dinner: 5:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Supper: 11:00 pm – 3:00 am



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