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Kitchen by Food Rebel recently unveiled a new range to its food and beverage collection, a list of organic and biodynamic wines. The wines are free from any additives and preservatives, and are sourced and imported from independent vineyards in France. Most importantly, they taste good and the wine list has been tailored to be as educational as possible to patrons.

food review kitchen by food rebel

Organic white wines from Alsace, The Rhone and Loire Valleys.

The types of grapes used, the percentage of each grape variety and even an accurate description of how the wines taste can be found in their wine list. For those who enjoy wine and would like to learn more about its details, this is the place for you. Best of all, no artificial pesticides have been used in the vineyards and the wine processing, which means you are drinking pure, unadulterated wine in all its sumptuous glory.


Wine by the glass, $12 / $65 per bottle.

Kitchen by Food Rebel also boasts a wide array of food and food products. Vegans, vegetarians, the gluten intolerant, health nuts and bodybuilders will also be delighted to know that this establishment has a vast array of culinary specialties tailored for you.

photo credit: Food Rebel

Photo credit: Food Rebel

They have tapas, breakfast and lunch menus which boast an international selection with a delightful Asian infusion. Kitchen is also tied in with Ultimate Performance trainers, and an extensive food selection is featured on their special menu for the public, and anyone on the Ultimate Performance diet program. For a better understanding of Ultimate Performance, please click here.

The newly unveiled Tapas selection feature hormone free chicken sliders, sweet potato patatas bravas with rendang sauce, roast pepper frittata with arugula and a double hummus dipping platter.

photo credit: Food Rebel

Photo credit: Food Rebel

No more unhealthy and over salted chips, nuts and pretzel sticks to go with your alcohol. You can now enjoy healthy, wholesome bites along with quality wines. Best of all, you will be helping, and not harming your body (and waistline) even should you wish to indulge.

Chicken Sliders

Chicken sliders with gula melaka caramelised onions and spicy Malay sauce.


Paprika sweet patatas bravas with sambal sauce.

Roast Pepper Frittata with arugla

Roast pepper frittata with mushrooms and arugula.

Although desserts are not in the menu, people with a sweet tooth should not despair. Kitchen has a dessert counter which features a variety of healthy and holistic cakes, confections and desserts. Who says you can’t indulge and be fit at the same time?

Aside from food and wine, Kitchen also features a wide array of coffees, therapeutic teas, juices and smoothies. So whatever the occasion, Kitchen is pretty much the place for you and your friends to enjoy. With an interior that oscillates between modern zen and eclectic spunk, Kitchen provides a refined, interesting and casual environment for all its customers.



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*This is a collaborated post in partnership with Kitchen by Food Rebel.


Kitchen By Food Rebel
28 Stanley Street, Singapore 068737
Tel: +65 6224 7088 | Website 

Opening hours:
Mon – Thu: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Fri: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm



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