Food Review: Chitose Agriculture Initiative x NUDE Seafood

Chitose Agriculture Initiative & NUDE Seafood has come together in an exciting collaboration to bring you quality produce and food at an excellent and affordable price.

Chitose x Nude food review


For the unacquainted, Chitose Agriculture Initiative is a firm located in Cameron Highlands in Malaysia which grows and produces Japanese crops and produce for the regional market. Therefore, it makes an excellent supplier for firms in Singapore that would like Japanese products at much lower prices, and with a lower carbon footprint without a compromise in quality.

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Best of all, due to its location, firms in Singapore being supplied from Chitose are able to get their produce at a much faster time, and at a much fresher quality. Dedicated to biotechnology and strongly supportive of high standards in agriculture, Chitose also works closely with 50 artisan farms in Japan, and is also highly trained in the analyzing and imports of the products of their partner companies.

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Located at Marina Bay Financial Centre, NUDE Seafood is a prime example of how produce from Chitose is put to excellent use. Offering quality products with an infusion of Japanese, European and modern cooking styles and techniques, this is a revolutionary (but not ostentatious) place. In other words, NUDE Seafood screams soft power. And we all know that soft power is definitely a wonderful approach for almost anything.


Nude Seafood at Marina Bay Financial Centre


I was super honored to be invited along for this tasting ceremony which showcased the chefs’ culinary abilities in NUDE Seafood along with the fine produce that Chitose has to offer. And it was a truly amazing experience.



tomato essence with botanist gin

Cameron Botanist Cocktail.

This simple and yet mind blowing starter truly reflects the taste of tomato, and all that watery savouriness that tomatoes embody. To put it in exact description, it tastes like a purified, clean, non-spicy and slightly herbal version of the much loved Bloody Mary with just the right amount of sharpness.

Strawberry Cornetto

Strawberry Cornetto.

The only words that would come to mind upon biting down on this delight is ‘Mmmmmm’. The butteriness of the charcoal cone with its slight sweetness stands in perfect complement with the creamy ricotta that is sharply contrasted with the briny mentaiko and jammy strawberry preserve that is artfully punctured with a generous filling of popping ikura.

White ca

White Cauliflower.

Vegetarian perfection is all its simple complexity. Sweet sour pickled cauliflower and grilled cauliflower florets pairs with the saltiness and creaminess of the pure cauliflower risotto that has a haunting echo of parmesan. Cauliflower haters will be absolute converts. Sliced grapes and shiso add extra dimension while a dusting of nut crumble gives this entire dish a delightful crunch.


Bochan Kabocha Pumpkin & Foie Gras.

With a perfect al dente texture, the pumpkin gnocchi was one of the best I’ve ever tasted. The dashi sauce gives the entire dish an infusion of salty seafood umami-ness. Small cubes of foie gras add dimension and delightful creaminess while pine nuts and deep fried sage creates a further depth in texture and flavour. Served with a breaded, fried pumpkin crescent, this definitely highlights the natural aspect of the dish and reaffirms its pumpkin based aspect.


Red Snapper, Sweet Potato and Tomatoes.

Basic with great dimension reflects all over this dish. Plain grilled snapper with a skin in charred perfection is doused in a tomato and dashi reduction. Served alongside chestnut honey tossed sweet potatoes which has what can be described as an amazing bite. Marinated cherry tomatoes flank this dish, which is also served with zucchini spaghetti topped with potato mousse. Such an innovative way to balance vegetables with carbohydrates and protein.


Strawberries & Pistachio.

To keep to its natural theme, the strawberries were served unadulterated. The sweetness and tartness from the strawberries pair so well with the airy pistachio parfait. Pistachio crumbs add some extra texture and chocolate tuiles enhance the dessert factor which can be described as a wonderful and perfect ending to a sumptuous meal. If you ever want your tastebuds to sing, this is an ideal combination for you.


The much sought-after Chitose Strawberries.

NUDE Seafood certainly knows how to make good with the already high quality produce from Chitose.

Personally, I’m in awed of the vision and produce from Chitose. High in quality, wide in variety and growing ever so close to our shores, Japanese crops have never been this easy to obtain.

If you love fresh and beautiful hand-picked fruits and vegetables air-flown direct from artisanal farms in Japan, Chitose has come up with an Omakase Box ($162.50) which contains the highest quality items (up to 9 varieties). As the Omakase Box items change from week to week and according to the seasons, customers can always look forward to savouring the fresh and nourishing flavours from every delivery.

A sample of how the Omakase Box will look like.

A sample of how the Omakase Box will look like.

In the box, you’ll also receive a magazine , recipes cards and serving suggestions to help you make the most of your omakase box of goodness.

To find out more about Chitose Agriculture Initiative and for online order, click here.


*This is a collaborated post in partnership with Chitose Agriculture Initiative and NUDE Seafood.


NUDE Seafood
12 Marina Boulevard, #01-02 Marina Bay Financial Tower 3, Singapore 018982.
Tel: +65 6443 1167| Website
Email: [email protected]

Operation hours:
Breakfast: 8:00 am – 11:30 am, with made-to-order dishes served 8:00 am-10:00 am, weekdays
Lunch: 11:30am – 2:30pm last order, weekdays
Dinner: 6:30pm – 9:00pm last order, weekdays



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