Food Review: Punjab Grill celebrates Diwali with Chef Tasting Menu and Mithai Boxes

Punjabi cuisine is known for its rich, buttery gravies and the famed tandoor style of cooking. Many well known North Indian dishes such as butter chicken, tandoori chicken and naan is frequently credited and associated with Punjab. A region in North India that also spans into eastern Pakistan. Punjabi cuisine is no newcomer to Singapore. With a large Singaporean Punjabi population and a constant love and demand for North Indian cuisine, it is no wonder Punjabi food is here to stay.

The interior and decor is heavily inspired by

The interior and decor is heavily inspired by the splendor of India’s Maharajas.

Punjab Grill, located at Marina Bay Sands can be described as place where authentic Punjabi flavours can be sampled with a flair in modernity and re-invention.



Modern, cultural and elegant with a touch of extravagance, Punjab Grill is the perfect establishment to enjoy Punjabi food and all its sheer beauty in a comfortable and yet sophisticated setting. Boasting an extensive list of international wines and beverages, Punjab Grill also scores high on the charts on rankings and awards from many local and international companies such as Wine & Dine, Peak Magazine and Timeout.



In celebration of Deepavali this October, Punjab Grill is introducing its specially crafted Chef tasting menu (available from 24th – 31 Oct) at $99++ and colorful Mithai boxes of elegant sweets – 18-piece “Jannat” for $68 and the 28-piece “Royal Mithai Box” for $90.


I was honored to be one of the first few to sample the Diwali Chef Tasting menu.

Amuse bouche -

Amuse bouche of the day.


From left to right: Sharkarkandi Aur Kamrakh Ki Chaat, Methi Malai Paneer Tikka, Veg Shahi Shammi Kebab.

We started with a trio of appetizers. Infusing modernity with and an artisanal touch, apple smoked sweet potato is tossed with star fruit and a tamarind dressing. Sweet potato can be considered to be a blanket of starch with a slight sweetness. And this sweetness is further highlighted with the fruity smokiness of the apple wood. Paired with the crunch of salty sweet starfruit and the irresistible tang of tamarind, this can be considered a dish of bold and flavorful contrasts.

The paneer tikka is my favorite amongst the three. Fenugreek has a barky and herby aromatic note to it, with a mild shrubby pungency. Therefore it makes good sense to pair it with the cloying and rich paneer, also sometimes know as Indian cheese, which is further aromatised with char grilling. A truly wonderful combination.

Vegetable Shahi Shammi Kebabs are vegetable kebabs done Indian style, shaped into patties before being cooked. A sophisticated and vegetarian friendly option, Punjab Grill gives this dish further dimension by adding in a salty and oozing dose of sharp cheddar, further contrasted with tart and tangy wild berries. If you want a party for your tastebuds without indulging in meat, look no further than this.


Mains on a plate – Kathal Dum Biryani, Vilayati Subz Meloni, Sarson Ka Saag, Kurkuri Dal Palak, Masaledar Aloo Ki Subz.



Green garden vegetables may invoke a thought of light but often bland combination of greens. Not in Punjab Grill. Here they are smothered in a creamy sauce perfumed with burnt garlic and redolent with cardamon, a spice which has an almost sweet muskiness. An incredible build up of flavour, this lip smacking mixture is definitely a different way to have your vegetables.

No Indian meal feels complete without a lentil (daal) component. And this five lentil stew further infused with burnt garlic and wilted baby spinach is a classic example of taking the standard daal dish up a notch.

The delicious and mouthwatering selection of mains mentioned above cannot be complete without some rice or bread on the side.


Garlic Naan.

As Punjab is also known as the breadbox of India, it is natural that Punjab Grill highlights this factor by providing a side serving of garlic naan, mirchi (red chili powder) paratha and masala puri on the side. Even the selection of breads provided are such a joy. Warm, puffy naan straight from the tandoor is aromatized with slivers of chopped garlic and moistened with clarified butter.

Mirchi Paratha.

Mirchi Paratha.

Dense, layered flatbread Paratha (North Indian version of Singaporean Prata) is mildly spiced with chili powder while crispy air filled puris are peppered with a touch of masala, all ready for the picking.


Jalebi with Dates and Blackcurrant Rabdi.

Sweet decadence is always present in Indian desserts. This luscious combo of deep fried jalebi (a flour confection) soaked in sugar syrup is paired with blackcurrant rabdhi, which is a chilled, sweetened thick milk dessert.



Indian sweets are an absolute to die for. Although an acquired taste, the famous and classic combinations of milk, nuts and spices can somehow become faintly addictive. This Diwali Mithai Boxes are available from 8th October to 1st November 2016.

Here’s wishing everyone who is celebrating Deepavali /Diwali a festive and happy season!

*This is a collaborated post in partnership with Punjab Grill.

Punjab Grill

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