Food Review: Sing Hong Kong Café at Everton Park (Closed)

Mention Hong Kong cafés in Singapore and it usually will not invoke any sense of excitement nor compelling reason to set it as a lunch/dinner venue. Ironically, whenever we visit Hong Kong, we would spend half our time queuing outside Cha Can Teng (HK style cafés) just for a bowl of instant noodles or milk tea. Okay, there’s more than just those items but you get the drift.


Indoor seating area.

I suspect this is largely due to the lack of food quality/skills by most of the Hong Kong cafés here. When I was invited to check out the 6-month old Sing Hong Kong Café, I was naturally…skeptical? Enclaved under a residential block at Everton Park (opposite Duxton area), this quaint little HK café takes its food very seriously.


Sing Hong Kong Cafe


While they offer no frills, regular Cha Can Teng food items like French toast, scrambled eggs, etc, I was pleasantly surprised by how well each dishes were executed beautifully. It’s certainly not your average HK café.

Sing Hong Kong Cafe menu

Sing Hong Kong Cafe menu.

“All the dishes are prepared and cooked by me daily”, says owner Alfred Mo, the brain and chef behind the establishment.


Classic Beef Brisket Rice, $11.80

This unassuming-looking portion of beef brisket was unapologetically tender and tasty. The layers of flavor that penetrated deeply into the meat was achieved by a 12-hour slow braising process.


Scrambled Egg, $3.80

Making scrambled egg is not difficult but making scramble egg WELL is. They were soft, moist and fluffy.


Signature slow cooked pork belly with rice, $10.80

Generous amount of caramelized onions on the side.

Generous amount of caramelized onions on the side.

Pork belly lovers rejoice! This dish is definitely not for weight-watchers but so worth every inch down my waist line. Using the same slow braising process, I couldn’t help but to douse the gravy amply all over the rice, which was the perfect vehicle to enjoy with.


Classic French Toast, $5.80, HK Milk Tea, $3.50

I would gladly take a 25-min drive over just to eat this again for breakfast. The French toast was smothered with a layer of mild flavored honey and dusted with a touch of black pepper and dried herbs. Who knew this unusual concoction would blend so well together?


I’m in french toast heaven.

I wasn’t prepared to be blown away by any Hong Kong cafés in Singapore but this unassuming family-styled café just did. Dubbed as one of the best-kept secret in town, I’m definitely look forward to be wowed again on my next visit. 🙂

* This is a collaborated post in partnership with Sing Hong Kong Café.


Sing Hong Kong Café
Blk 4, Everton Park #01-42 Singapore 080004
Tel: +65 9384 5486 | Website

Opening hours:
Mon – Sat: 11:00 am – 8:30 pm
Sun: closed



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