Food Review: JINzakaya

Felt like some yakimono aka meat on sticks so we found ourselves at Jinzakaya. This retro-chic Japanese Izakaya by the Les Amis Group is located at 1 Farrer Park Station (connecting to One Farrer Hotel & Spa where we parked).

jinzakaya les amis group


Lamps made up of Sake bottles, how cute!

Lamps made up of Sake bottles, how cute!

If you like watching the chefs in action, then grab a seat at the counter. When we arrived, they were all taken so we settle for an indoor table near to the kitchen.




Murals of vintage Japanese posters.



Otoshi (Japanese appetizer) in the form of Japanese cabbage.

Note: They included the cost of appetizer and towels in the bill.


Jin Sake Salad, $12.80

This bowl of Jin Sake Salad was crisp and refreshing, a perfect way to start off the meal.


Kaki, $5.50, Wagyu Kushi, $9.00

Bacon wrapped oyster and wagyu beef are some of the must-to-order items on our list.


They did not disappoint albeit a lack of salt.


Torikawa, $2.50

I could eat sticks and sticks of chicken skin but the sensible side in me advised against it.


Butahara, $2.50

I’m not sure why but the pork belly skewer erred towards the drier side, as if the signature fat from the pork belly was missing.


Tsukune, $3.50

Moist and tasty with a slight crunchy texture (thanks to the addition of chicken soft bone in the meat), this was hubby’s favorite stick for the night.


Nankotsu Shio, $3.50

I’m a huge fan of chicken soft bone but alas, this stick felt like it spent more time on the grill then the usual.


Miso Ramen, $15.80

The portion was perfect to share among two of us. The miso broth was rich and creamy. When left for more than 10 mins, the noodles and broth congealed quite a fair bit so do try to eat the ramen while hot.

Overall, we concluded this meal definitely has room for improvement but with the reasonable and friendly price tag, I will hold on to the day that they will improve and give JINzakaya another try soon.


Bear Naked Food pays for their own meals unless otherwise stated.


1 Farrer Park Station Road (off Rangoon Road), Owen Link, #01-08/10, Singapore 217562
Tel: +65 6443 1173 | Email: [email protected] | Website

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday
Lunch: 12pm to 3pm (last order 2pm)
Dinner: 7pm to 11pm (last order 10pm)



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