Gills N Shells – Modern European Seafood Bistro

Thanks to Google map, we found our way to this modern-looking seafood bistro. Located within a new hotel at Jalan Sultan – Hotel Boss, this 1-year old establishment looks set to woo seafood lovers with their seafood centric dishes.

pretty al fresco area.

Pretty al fresco area.


open kitchen

Open kitchen concept.


2 pieces oysters, $8.90

2 pieces oysters, $8.90

We started off with 2 pieces Oysters. We were told they came from Canada. I was tempted to order another serving but held my horses for what was to come.


GNS crab cakes, $12.90



I’m particularly fussy when it comes to crab cakes. Most of the time, I found them to be quite fishy and mushy.

Thankfully, these GNS crab cakes were far cry from my marred experiences. In fact, they tasted pretty fresh and the seasoning was spot on.


Truffle Infused Cod, $22.90

Looking at the preserved radish (chye poh) topping, it was hard to find fault with the Truffle Infused Cod. In my humble opinion, you can’t really err too far with chye poh. Served on a bed of rustic style mash and vegetables, the fish had a subtle truffle scent which was perfect for us. However, the texture of the cod felt more akin to that of less premium type of white fish.


Grilled Tiger Prawns, $20.90

The Grilled Tiger Prawns was hubby’s favorite dish of the night. The prawns were grilled on bamboo skewers and they were as fresh as you can imagine.


Seafood Marinara Pasta, $16.90



The Seafood Marinara Pasta used linguine and it was cooked al dente (much to our delight), the amount of seafood was reasonable. The chef was very generous with the marinara sauce, the only feedback I would have given was, the sauce would greatly benefit from the addition of a tad more salt.

When it came to dessert round, we had to throw in our white flags. Our bellies were absolutely stuffed with no space for sweets. When we left, the place was definitely more crowded than when we came. I’m always happy to see a customer-filled restaurant rather than an empty one.



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Gills N Shells

500 Jalan Sultan #01-19 Singapore 199020
Tel: +65 6493 2238| Website

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun: 15:00 – 01:00



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