Restaurant Review: New Rasa Singapura

It was a Saturday night when we decided to drop by New Rasa Singapura. Tiger chanced upon this 3-month old restaurant serving Singaporean hawker food, located at Tanglin Post Office (Orchard). If you are from the baby-boomers era, you would be familiar with the old Rasa Singapura (in the 80’s) located just across the current location.

Walking across from Tanglin Mall.

Walking across from Tanglin Mall.

Besides serving some of our iconic Singaporean local food like chicken rice, laksa, soup kambing, satay, char kway teow, etc, something worth mentioning is, they are also a social enterprise restaurant.


Support our social enterprise. 🙂 Help the less fortunate.

We were told by one of the gracious owners, Jo, they are working with raiSE, a social enterprise sector responsible for providing employment and job opportunities to the less advantaged, people with physical or hearing impairment, recovering stroke patients and mature vulnerable individuals. They provide training to these individuals, mainly in the kitchen and their tasks usually involve in food preparation. The cooking is still done by their in-house chefs.


Meet Jo. We could see and feel the passion coming from her.

There were so many dishes we wanted to try. Luckily there were 4 of us (plus one 3 year-old) so we were able to order quite a fair bit.


I wanna try them all! 😛


We started off with their 2-in-1 Satay (Chicken and Beef).


2-in-1 Chicken and Beef Satay, 6 pieces for $12.

Even though the satay was not made in-house (they are from a central commercial kitchen), they tasted fresh and went really well with the peanut dipping sauce.

Next up, the crispy Chai Tow Kway.


Crispy Chai Tow Kway (fried rice cake omelette with crispy outer crust with prawns), $12.

It was indeed crispy and I can’t help but to pick at the charred bits around the edges. The prawns were huge and succulent and this could easily be a meal by itself.


Crispy Chicken Skin

Crispy Chicken Skin, $6.

What could go wrong with deep fried chicken skin? Nothing! They were shattering crispy to the last bite.



New Rasa Chicken Wings, 6 pieces for $12.

The deep golden brown batter that coated each wings were superbly crunchy and had a slight sweetness to it. It came piping hot so when I greedily bit into one of the wings, the juice oozed out from the meat and scalded my lips a little but it was worth it.



Nonya Chap Chye (mixed vegetable stew), $12.

A standard Peranakan heritage dish, this mildly flavored vegetable stew balanced out the heavy hitting dishes nicely. This is one kid-friendly item too.



Black Pepper Char Kway Teow (fried noodles with prawns), $12.

The ultimate test for char kway teow is the wok hei (hot wok flavor). There was a slight hint of wok-hei imparted into the rice noodles so I guess that was a pass. We went with the prawns option (you could choose either prawns or chicken). If you are a black pepper fan, then you would seek delight in enjoying this robust and spicy dish. Otherwise, please let your server know you would like to tone down the amount of black pepper used.


must-try beef rendang

Must-try Beef Rendang (slow cooked tender beef in coconut milk & spices), $14.

We were highly anticipating this dish to arrive. Perhaps our expectation were so heightened by the must-try recommendation when we actually tasted the rendang, we couldn’t help but to feel a little disappointed. There was nothing really wrong with the gravy but nothing outstanding about it either. The chunks of beef were a little dry and tough for our liking.


New Rasa Laksa

New Rasa Laksa dry (inspired by the traditional laksa), $12.

It reminded me very much like a seafood mee goreng (fried chilli noodles) laced with abundance of laksa leaves. Again you have the option to choose between prawns or chicken. No surprise which one we went for. The laksa sauce was well incorporated into the rice noodles and I concluded it was a well-executed version.

We also ordered the Hainanese Chicken ($12) + Rice ($1) (sold separately) for the little one but failed to take photos of it before reaching his stomach. Verdict from his mother: He usually never finishes his food but his plate was wiped clean. Enough said.

My little cheeky nephew.

My little cheeky nephew.

Overall, we had an enjoyable time dining at this al fresco restaurant this evening. There were more hits than misses and I’m confident they will improve along the way.

Despite sitting outdoor and chomping down hot and spicy food, we did not feel too uncomfortably warm or felt the need to go back and shower immediately. Since we did not get to try the New Rasa Soup Kambing (it was sold out ) this time, we’ll probably gather another group of makan kakis and try our luck plus other items on their menu soon.

the bar area.

The bar area.


Pretty alfresco area.

We paid $123.00 in total for the meal for 5 pax.

New Rasa Singapura

56 Tanglin Road, #B1-02 Tanglin Post Office, Singapore 247964

Tel: +65 98188102 | Website

Opening Hours:
Mon: 12pm – 10pm
Wed – Sun: 12pm – 10pm
Tue: Closed



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