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Located along a row of shop houses at Tras Street, Terra has been on our eating bucket list for a while. Having read some interesting reviews online, we made a reservation for a Saturday night and headed over in anticipation. After all, Japan and Italian food are two of our favorite cuisines so we were looking forward to how they would be paired together homogeneously.

Upon entering the small yet cosy restaurant, we were greeted by a service staff (who looked and sounded pretty Japanese) and sat us near to the open kitchen. The décor was an eclectic mix of terracotta, silver and vintage artwork.

Terra Singapore

Chef at work. Love the open kitchen concept.

Chef at work. Love the open kitchen concept.


Terra offers 3 types of menu – Omakase (from $128 – $208), Degustation ($98) and ala carte.
Since our appetites did not warrant for their Omakase or Degustation, we opted for ala carte items.

Omakase and Degustation menu.

Omakase and Degustation menu.

Ala carte menu.

Ala carte menu.


Ala carte menu.


Scallop Salfutu

Scallop with Salfutu ($20)

For appetizer, we ordered the Scallop with Salfutu. The dish came in an attractive miniature cast-iron pot. It comprised of a large scallop accompanied with a bright orange hue of capsicum sauce, layered with 5 types of sautéed mushrooms and crispy garlic gratin. While the sauce was rich and flavorful, the scallop was a tad too overcooked for our liking. The texture was hovering close to being too dense and chewy.


Oh, a basket of focaccia with truffle butter was served while we were waiting for our food. Focaccia was warm and toasty which was commendable. The texture of the truffle butter was delicate yet creamy.

Foccacia with truffle butter.

Focaccia with truffle butter.

Next appetizer was Carpaccio of the Day. Initially, we ordered the Sujiara from Gotourettou but it was not available.

Carpaccio of the day.

Carpaccio of the day (market price).

The manager presented us the dish and explained they were flounder sashimi slices, topped with Ikura roe, sliced parsnip, decorated with drops of dill sauce. The combination of the sashimi with the dill sauce, ikura and micro salad was refreshing and definitely fitted the clean-eating description. However, I could not really establish any Italian elements in it.

Ragu alla Terra

Ragu alla Terra ($28)

For the mains, one of the items we ordered was the Ragu alla Terra. The pasta was Tajarin, which is a thinner version of tagliatelle. The ragu which comprised of Tajima beef, tripe, tail, tongue, bone marrow was a milder version compared to the traditional Bolognese. If you like your pasta on the lighter side, then you’ll like this.

Mr Yoshiaka's Prok ($38)

Mr. Yoshioka’s Pork ($32).

This was the highlight of our meal. The perfectly cooked pork had a very apparent charred flavor on the outside, while retained its juiciness and tenderness in the centre, thanks to the brining method.

Mr. Yoshioka's pork

Mr. Yoshioka’s pork.

Accompanied by a wedge of steamed potato and some bland watercress, I would give this dish full marks if they had injected more flavor to the sides which are commonly overlooked.

Overall, we had a pleasant experience. We did not have any room left for dessert. Is there room for improvement? I would think so.

Homework time.

Homework time.

Perhaps because of space constraint, the tables were a little too close for comfort from each other. We couldn’t help but overheard the conversations from our neighbors, left and right. Vice versa I was sure they could too, hence we ended up whispering throughout the meal. We also noticed the couple on our left waited for at least 20 mins for his Tajima Wagyu (grilled wagyu steak) after sending back the first one as the beef was well done instead of medium rare.

We paid $153.01 in total for the meal for 2 people.

Terra Tokyo-Italian

54 Tras St, Singapore, 078993
Tel: 6221 5159 | Website

Opening Hours:
Lunch: Mon to Sat 12:00 – (Last Order 14:00)
Dinner: Mon to Sat 18:00 – (Last Order 22:00)



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