Restaurant Review: Sync Korean Tapas and Bar (Singapore)

Besides spending time (a lot of it) in the kitchen, weekend is the time I could unwind and one of my favorite activities is to try out new eateries and restaurants with the family. Of course there are hits and misses on our weekly food adventures, I would love to share with you our unbiased two-cent worth experiences.
Disclaimer: I’m not a food critic, but I do love to eat!

The first restaurant I would like to talk about is Sync Korean Tapas Bar at Serangoon Gardens Estate. I chanced upon it when I was reading a food and travel magazine and that very weekend, we made a reservation and headed over.

Sync Korean Tapas and Bar

Located along a row of shop houses.

If you don’t already know, we love our Korean food but this whole Korean tapas concept is pretty interesting.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a cosy, casual-looking establishment.

Bear Naked Food Restaurant Visit Sync Korean Tapas and Bar

Perhaps it was a Sunday night, the place was not very crowded at all. The kitchen occupies half of the restaurant and I noticed there was only one chef working that night.

Immediately, my mind went “uh-oh!”. We might not get our food until much later as there was a table of 6 waiting before our order. Quick check with the server if this was normal and she told us, usually there would be 2 chefs but today, the other was on sick leave. I decided not to get into a hissy fit, chill and turn my attention to the menu.

Bear Naked Food Restaurant Visit Sync Korean Tapas and Bar

Cute mail boxes on the wall.

Bear Naked Food Restaurant Visit Sync Korean Tapas and Bar

Quick glance at the menu and I already spotted some items I would totally order. We placed our order and was mentally preparing myself for the long wait. To our surprise, it took about 20 mins for all our food to arrive. I could see the chef moving very speedily in the kitchen, churning out the dishes in lightning speed. They even gave us a complimentary bowl of nacho chips while we waited.

Sogogi Jowl Sync Korean Tapas and Bar

Sogogi jowl.

Sogogi Jowl ($9.90)

Everything just looks better when presented on a wooden board. This tender beef jowl was char-grilled to perfection and had that sweet signature Korean marinade taste. Each piece was placed on a sesame leaf, topped with a clove of soft garlic confit. I dissected each component and ate them separate for this first one. The next portion, I popped the whole thing into my mouth. The combination was pretty amazing. I was tempted to order another round but held my horses.

Samgyupsal Salad Sync Korean Tapas and Bar

The pic did not do justice to this salad.

Samgyupsal Salad ($9.90)
Samgyupsal means pork belly. So this is a pork belly salad. When it was served, I thought it looked rather plain or “standard”. After tasting it, the refreshing citrus-y taste made up for its looks. The pork belly was wafer-thin (in a good way) and crisp like bacon. It wasn’t overly salted and went really well with the crisp lettuce leaves tossed in a chili yuzu dressing. Pretty appetizing, I must say.

Haemul Pajeon Sync Korean Tapas and Bar

Haemul Pajeon.

Haemul Pajeon ($8.90)

This pan-fried seafood & scallion pancake with soy dip had that crispy exterior which I really enjoyed (I love all things crispy!) For this price tag, I thought the amount of seafood was pretty decent.

Ramyeon Sync Korean Tapas and Bar

Non-spicy ramyeon.

Non-spicy ramyeon ($5.90)

The meal wouldn’t be completed without ordering some carbs. They have two versions of ramyeon and we decided to go with the non-spicy version. The noodles were kind of overcooked and too soft for my liking. The soup was light and had a mild seaweed taste.

Grilled chicken meatball and fish cake Sync Korean Tapas and Bar

Grilled chicken meatball and fish cake.

Chicken and leek Sync Korean Tapas and Bar

Chicken and leek.

Grilled chicken meat ball ($2.50) / fish cake ($1.50) / chicken & leek ($2.00)
Since we were still feeling slightly peckish, we ordered these three fillers. Even though the meatballs looked really charred, the meat wasn’t too dried out. However, I think it might not be very popular with the diners. Tiger didn’t really enjoy the fish cake as it was pretty chewy and bland. I totally appreciated the chewy texture but agreed with him it could do with more seasoning and sauce. The chicken and leek skewer was quite pedestrian.

We left the place feeling satisfied overall. We did not get to try their desserts or drinks, perhaps on our next visit. The only hurdle I feel would hamper our next visit is the limited parking space at Serangoon Gardens.

Sync Korean Tapas and Bar

Sync Korean Tapas and Bar
12 Maju Avenue, Serangoon Gardens Estate, Singapore
Tel: 6282 0612
Opening hours:
Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:00 – 23:00
Fri – Sun: 11:00 – 22:00
Tue: Closed




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