11 Essential Rules to Making Perfect Macarons

Having encountered numerous painful failed Macaron baking attempts, i.e. “Footless” macarons, dome cracked top macarons, hollow macarons, etc, I’ve come to realize there are indeed some “rules” to follow which they don’t really mention in most recipes.
After watching tons of troubleshooting videos, researching multiple recipes online, I’ve come up with 11 essential tips and rules that’ll make you waste egg whites no more. If you are interested in making perfect Macarons, read on!  Should you have any questions, feel free to drop me a note at the comment section below.


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tip_1Measure in grams. Use a digital scale for precise measurements. They are inexpensive and you can find them in grocery stores or kitchenware shops.

tip_2Ground almond and Icing sugar: Always pulse them again in a food processor or blender and sift out any large lumps. This will guarantee you smooth top Macarons.

tip_3You MUST use aged egg whites. There is too much moisture in fresh egg whites. Separate eggs and put egg whites into a small bowl. Cover loosely with a paper towel and leave at room temperature for 3 days. Do not worry about them going bad as they won’t. If you are in a rush, age the egg whites overnight or for 24 hours before using but the chances of success are riskier.

tip_4Egg whites must be whisked until stiff peaks. It should still be shiny and glossy. If you are using food coloring, use food gel. Blend into the stiff peaked meringue gently.

tip_5The consistency of the batter should be thick yet flowy like lava. It should resemble a thick cake batter. If your batter is too thick, it means you have over whipped your meringue and peaks will formed in your Macarons. If your batter is too thin, your Macarons will become flat and feetless.

tip_6Pipe the Macarons using a 1.5 inch round tip. If the tip of your nozzle is too small, it’ll be hard to pipe and your Macarons will be uneven.

tip_7After piping, you’ll need to bang the baking tray on the counter top or floor for several times to get rid of air bubbles trapped inside. Use a toothpick or bamboo skewer to pop any visible bubbles.

tip_8You must rest the Macarons for 30 – 60 mins (depending on the humidity level in your kitchen). I switched on a fan to aid the drying process. To know if your Macarons are ready for baking, gently touch the sides with one finger. They should not be sticky.

tip_9Different ovens’ temperature varies, convection fan forced ovens bake faster than conventional ovens. Best temperature for baking Macarons are 140°C/150°C (275°F/300°F). Rotate the tray halfway to ensure even browning. If your macarons appear cracked, this means the temperature is too hot.

tip_10Don’t peel the Macarons off the baking sheet while they are still warm as they will stick. Remove them gently with thin knife or spatula when they are cooled.

tip_11Store Macaron shells in air-tight containers. They keep well at room temperature for up to a week. Or keep them in the freezer for up 4 – 5 months. Bring to room temperature before piping the filling.



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