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I love limes. Be it the color, the smell, the taste, the health benefits, etc, I just can’t get enough of this fruit. Here’s why. Although lime is rarely eaten raw, they are used in flavoring savory dishes and desserts. Lime juice enhances the flavor of vegetables and salads without adding fat or too much calories. Win! The high content of vitamin C provides health related benefits too! Double win! They can also be used as a garnish, in the form of a slice or wedge, used in popular alcoholic beverages like margaritas and daiquiris. Lime zest is also used to add flavor in baking.

You can use a grater to get the lime zest.

You can use a grater to get the lime zest.

Or a citrus zester like this :-)

Or a citrus zester like this :-).


How do you select limes?

Like any other products, we should pick limes that are bright green in color, feel firm and heavy. Heavy limes produce the most juice.

This is what you should be looking for

This is what you should be looking for.

That being said, try to avoid limes with thick skins. It is an indication of less flesh and juice. This theory kind of works in most areas. Avoid yellow looking and fully ripe limes as by this time, they would have lost their acidity and be bland in flavor. Select those with fairly smooth skin, free of blemishes and uneven brown spots. Lastly, I don’t think anyone would choose limes that are with shrivelled skin and mushy texture, right?

Did you know?
Prevent your lovely fruit platter or vegetables from turning browning by soaking them into a mixture of 1 cup water and 1 tablespoon lime juice, for 5 or 10 minutes. Fruits and vegetables stays fresh and young looking.

450 g of small limes = approximately 6 to 8 medium whole limes
6 to 8 medium whole limes = 1/2 cup juice
One medium lime = approximately 1 1/2 to 2 tbsp of juice, 1 1/2 tsp grated peel, and 6 to 8 slices.

One method to get most juice out of your limes is to press and roll them around with the palm of your hand.

Like this.

Like this.

Another method that can be used to make limes easier to extract the juice is to pop them into the microwave and cook at high for 20 to 30 seconds before juicing.

Cut down on the amount of salt used on your food by adding lime instead to enhance the flavor of the food.

Lime juice can be used as a marinade to tenderize meat.

DO NOT use aluminium pans when cooking with limes because the acid in the limes reacts with the aluminium and affect the flavor and color of the food.


I hope you’ll have fun picking out limes the next time. Drop me a message if you have a burning question or simply a hello or smiley if you like this post!

Gonna save them for my lime margaritas! :-D

Gonna save them for my lime margaritas! 😀

Look out for my upcoming recipe – Key Lime Pie…featuring what else but limes!! 😀

Perfect looking lime



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