BNF Essential Kitchen Tools – Measuring Cups / Spoons

I’ve been getting many queries on measurement conversion – “what is 1/4 tsp equivalent to?”, “how many ml is 1 cup?”. To be honest, I used to have that problem too. Ever since I’ve started baking (that’s usually when precise measurement comes into place), I’ve invested in a couple sets of measuring kitchen tools. Okay, maybe more than a couple. A few sets. Life has never been easier and best of all, they are inexpensive (hence, I could afford a few sets) and (seems to) last forever.

Measuring cups / spoons:
They may be made of plastic, metal and other materials. I use these to measure dry and wet ingredients. I.e flour, sugar, sauces, oil, etc. Most of them have two sets of measurement indicated on them.

measuring kitchen tools

All these can be easily found in kitchenware stores or major departmental stores

Some readers have asked – can’t I just use a normal teaspoon or tablespoon I have? I guess you could if you are cooking but not baking. Even though they share the same name, the size of the utensils we used for dining vary with measuring tools. A very simple reason why I wouldn’t, especially when it comes to BAKING is, the precision of the amount of ingredients used in baking affects the result of the end product. Unless you are okay with not-so-fluffy cakes or sunken muffins, I strongly suggest you use measuring tools.

measuring spoons

I used these mainly for cooking measurements


metal measuring cups

These are one of my baking essential tools


Jamie Oliver's measuring spoons

Call me shallow but I bought this because it has Jamie Oliver’s name on it 😛


Measuring cups/ jugs:
I use these mainly for measuring liquids –  stock (not the financial type but the chicken or vegetable), milk, water, etc. They are just easier to handle than the metal cups. Again, they may be made of plastic, glass or metal.

measuring cylinders

They can be found at the same places as the measuring cups / spoons. 


glass measuring cylinder

Glass measuring jugs are especially useful if you want to melt any ingredients (i.e butter or chocolate) in the microwave


plastic measuring cups

I have two of these as very often, I need to measure more than one type of liquid.


a small measuring cup

Isn’t this mini version cute?


a small measuring cup

Hopefully, I’ll get to use this soon! 😀




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