buta kimchi

Buta Kimchi (Japanese pork with kimchi)

September 26, 2014
So I did a post on Buta Don a couple of days ago. Since we are on the Buta topic, I thought I might just feature this recipe, for those who like some heat in their food... [read more]
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crispy onion rings

Crispy Onion Rings

September 25, 2014
They are generally a cross-sectional "ring" of onion dipped in batter or bread crumbs and then deep fried. Some would use onion paste (found in the frozen sections of supermarkets) but I personally think whole onion rings are the way to go. They are easy to make and taste oh-so-good. Dip your onion rings in ketchup or spicy sauces if.. [read more]
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mushroom risotto

Mushroom Risotto

September 24, 2014
This is one of the very first risotto dish I've learned 13 years ago. Risotto is a north Italian rice dish cooked in broth to a creamy consistency. Properly cooked risotto is rich and creamy but still with some resistance or bite: al dente, and with separate grains. There are many variations of risotto - chicken, seafood, asparagus, etc. But.. [read more]
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beanakedfood measuring kitchen tools

BNF Essential Kitchen Tools – Measuring Cups / Spoons

September 23, 2014
I've been getting many queries on measurement conversion - "what is 1/4 tsp equivalent to?", "how many ml is 1 cup?". To be honest, I used to have that problem too. Ever since I've started baking (that's usually when precise measurement comes into place), I've invested in a couple sets of measuring kitchen tools. Okay, maybe more than a couple... [read more]
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Buta Don with miso soup

Buta Don (Pork Bowl Rice)

September 22, 2014
I've always been a fan of Yoshinoya's beef bowl. To be honest, I prefer the ones they serve in Japan. For those who does not know what is Yoshinoya, it is a fast-serving Japanese Beef Bowl restaurant found wildly in Japan and the restaurant franchise has gone internationally in Southeast Asia. But instead of beef, I'm going to share another.. [read more]
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olive vegetable fried rice

Olive Vegetable Fried Rice

September 19, 2014
What is olive vegetable? I checked with Wikipedia and sadly, he does not have a definition for it. I remember mom laying out this bottle of black stuff on the table whenever we were having congee and eating it as an accompaniment. That was my acknowledge about it. Fast forward 20 years, I reunited with OV when I was having.. [read more]
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molten chocolate lava cake with strawberry

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

September 17, 2014
Molten chocolate lava cake is a cross between a chocolate cake and soufflé. Other names used are chocolate fondant pudding or chocolate lava cake. Whatever name we like to call it, we can all recognize a MCLC by its signature oozing gooey centre. In this post, I'm going to show you just how easy it is to make this restaurant.. [read more]
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how to peel a potato in one step, no peeler needed

How to peel a potato in one step

September 16, 2014
Tired of standing over the sink or kitchen counter peeling potatoes? This trick is especially handy if you are making mash potatoes... [read more]
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Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup

Cream of Mushroom Soup

September 15, 2014
My first exposure to mushroom soup was a type of condensed canned soup. Fast forward 10 years , I've tasted different versions of mushroom soup that did not come from a can and I absolutely loved it. From then, I've been making my own COM and it proved to be a hit especially at pot-luck parties. Oh, and it tastes.. [read more]
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Asian Rice Salad with asian vinaigrette dressing

Asian Rice Salad

September 12, 2014
As a cereal grain, Rice is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world's human population, especially in Asia. As an Asian, we grew up eating rice. According to the Rice Association, there are more than 40,000 varieties of cultivated rice said to exist. They range from basmati to lemont and to arborio, from koshihikari.. [read more]
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