a basket of mushrooms


October 28, 2014
Who doesn't like mushrooms? Okay, I’m sure there are plenty of mushroom-haters out there but I just haven’t met one yet. So today’s article is a tribute to all mushroom lovers out there. We all love our mushroom soups, stuffed baked mushrooms, risotto porcini, truffles (mmm…), etc but do you know the health benefits these fungi offer? How to store.. [read more]
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lemon squares dusted with icing sugar

Lemon Squares

October 27, 2014
Robertson’s lemon curd. Does it ring a bell to anyone? It was certainly one of my childhood favorite jam spread (the other is Marmite – I know, I know, some of you are going “ewww”). Sadly, I can’t find the lemon curd here anymore. I still remember collecting all those golliwog batches that we redeemed by peeling off the tokens.. [read more]
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Spaghetti with anchovies

Spaghetti with Acciughe (Salted Anchovies)

October 24, 2014

I couldn’t have come up with a more original name for this pasta dish. I’m a huge fan of anchovies. Be it Ikan Bilis (Souteast Asian dried anchovies), Jeotgal (Korean salted fermented anchovies, nam pla (Thai fish sauce made from anchovies), I love them all!

In this post, I’m talking [...].. [read more]

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yummy radish kimchi

Radish Kimchi (Kkakdugi)

October 23, 2014
I would like to talk a little about my simple kimchi's post few weeks ago. It has generated several comments from the readers and the major concern was to let those marinated cabbage sit at room temperature for a couple of days before storing them in the fridge. Because we are staying in such a hot and humid country, foodstuff.. [read more]
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vanilla sponge cake soft and fluffy

Vanilla Sponge Cake

October 22, 2014
On a scale from 1 to 10, I think the level of difficulty to making a perfect sponge cake is 6/7 (ugh, I can’t decide). Now, don’t confuse this with Chiffon cake. Like its name, Sponge cake has a firm yet aerated texture, similar to a sea sponge, while a Chiffon cake is a very light cake and usually vegetable.. [read more]
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grilled Asian flank steak

Grilled Asian Flank Steak

October 20, 2014
When you tell the butcher you want flank steak, the immediate reaction is "Oh, you want to make stir-fry?".Well, it is true flank steak is often sold in supermarkets here, labeled as stir-fry beef. It is cut from the abdominal muscles of the cow, hence steak connoisseurs often scoff at the idea of eating flank. Well here at BNF, as.. [read more]
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homemade churros with dark chocolate sauce

Homemade Churros

October 17, 2014
My daughter loves her churros. Whenever we visit Universal Studios Singapore, it is a must-have snack for her. They must be at least 12 inches long? I have fond memory of us queuing at the churros counter, waiting patiently for the staff to fry up those floury babies and rolling them around in a deep tray of sugar-cinnamon mixture. Daughter.. [read more]
Easy Potato Salad

Easy Potato Salad

October 16, 2014
What happen if you find 2 potatoes sitting in your pantry and have absolutely zero will power to whip up a storm? I don’t know about you, but there are just days when I feel super lazy to cook anything fancy (just like writer’s block, is there such a word as cook’s block?), yet don’t want the ingredients to expire.. [read more]
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thai grilled pork on skewers

Thai Grilled Pork

October 15, 2014
Thailand – The Land of Thousand Smiles. Mention Bangkok and immediately thoughts of shopping, delicious Thai food, cheap massages come to my mind. Now, besides Korean food, my next favorite cuisine is Thai. If you go through Thai food recipes, you’ll notice the few usual ingredient suspects - Thai fish sauce, coriander root, coconut milk, tamarind sauce..... [read more]
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grilled corn on the cob with chili and mayonnaise

Cook Corn in 3 Minutes

October 14, 2014
Our household is big on corn. Corn on the cob, corn salad, corn chowder, popcorn :-D…I especially love grilled corn on a stick. Whenever I pass by the street vendors selling them in Bali or Phuket, you will definitely see me walking away with at least one in my hand. My hubby recently sent me a link showing how to.. [read more]
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