throwdown haitai calbee honey butter chips

Honey Butter Chips (Haitai-Calbee)

November 18, 2016
Fans of Korean pop culture will know that Korean honey butter chips, are extremely popular and high in demand. Crunchy, buttery, sweet and salty, there is a reason why this snack is so addictive. Since I found some long forgotten potatoes buried at a corner in my fridge, I decided to make some Honey butter chips at home. I adapted.. [read more]
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Bear Naked Food 2-ingredient KOrean BBQ Pork Ribs

2-ingredient Korean BBQ Pork Ribs

November 16, 2016
I’m a huge fan of Korean food (as evidenced from the numerous Korean recipes) and guess what, today’s 2-ingredient Korean BBQ Ribs is just that. This is probably one of the easiest recipe I’ve ever come across but yet oh-so delicious too. If you ever step into Korean supermarkets, you will often see different brands of marinade sauces for bulgogi,.. [read more]
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food review kitchen by food rebel

Food Review: Food Rebel Fridays

November 15, 2016


Kitchen by Food Rebel recently unveiled a new range to its food and beverage collection, a list of organic and biodynamic wines. The wines are free from any additives and preservatives, and are sourced and imported from independent vineyards in France. Most importantly, they taste good and the wine [...].. [read more]

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Bear Naked Food minced pork noodles tossed with scallion oil

Minced Pork Noodles Tossed with Scallion Oil

November 11, 2016
Simple, unpretentious and comforting. The description of this Minced Pork Noodles Tossed with Scallion Oil is enough to make anyone want to give it a go. In lieu of the previous write up on shallot scallion oil, this noodle dish is the perfect trial run in utilizing that aromatic homemade scallion oil that you have probably just prepared previously..... [read more]
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Bear Naked Food shallot scallion oil

Shallot Scallion Oil

November 9, 2016
Infused oils are all the rage now and have been seeing an increase in popularity and innovation for quite some time. However, many of them also have roots in certain cuisines and have been in existence way before infused and flavored oils took the artisanal world by storm. Shallot Scallion Oil is the perfect example, and is widely ingrained in.. [read more]
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7-11 RTE meals review

Food Review: Experience 7-Eleven Singapore Fresh Ready-To-Eat Meals

November 3, 2016
Most of us are familiar with the convenience store 7-Eleven. Most of us may also remember the popular slogan ‘it’s a store and more’. However, how many of us actually view 7-Eleven of being more than a simple store to buy items like bottled drinks, potato chips and breathe mints? The answer is simple. Very little. Recently however, 7-Eleven has.. [read more]
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Avenue Suntec Tower 2 Gastrobar

Food Review: Avenue – New Gastrobar on the Block

November 1, 2016
Newly opened since October this year, Avenue is taking our very own Archipelago Singapore’s craft beers out of the hands of the hipsters and placing them in the more casual context of a CBD community gastrobar. Located at Suntec City Tower 2, You could find four types of craft beers – Belgian Wit, Bohemian Lager, Singapore Blonde Ale and Irish Ale... [read more]
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Bear Naked Food lemon pudding cake

Lemon Pudding Cake

October 28, 2016
The word pudding evokes a dessert that is dense, wiggly and cloyingly indulgent. Depending on where in the world you are, pudding can either be a sweet and comforting steamed dessert, or a gelatin based creamy treat. Either way, pudding is almost always as delicious as it sounds. This decadent Lemon Pudding Cake is sharpened by the acidity of lemon and.. [read more]
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claypot seafood yee mee claypot seafood noodles

Claypot Seafood Noodles (Claypot Seafood Yee Mee)

October 26, 2016
There is something about claypot stewed noodles that is just so grounded, aromatic and inviting. The name itself evokes an impression of highly skilled, effortful cooking over hot coals until the smoky and salty aroma of sauce, ingredients and noodles permeate the entire place. Fortunately, modern technology has made this a much easier feat, and this recipe is tailored in.. [read more]
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Chitose x Nude food review

Food Review: Chitose Agriculture Initiative x NUDE Seafood

October 24, 2016
For the unacquainted, Chitose Agriculture Initiative is a firm located in Cameron Highlands in Malaysia which grows and produces Japanese crops and produce for the regional market. Therefore, it makes an excellent supplier for firms in Singapore that would like Japanese products at much lower prices, and with a lower carbon footprint without a compromise in quality.Best of all,.. [read more]
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