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Bear Naked Food Best Butternut and Sweet Potato Soup

Best Butternut and Sweet Potato Soup


This soup is absolutely delicious and is loaded with tons of vitamins and minerals. So not only is this soup tasty and easy to make, it is also healthy and nutritious. What a wonderful combination.

Bear Naked Food Best Butternut and Sweet Potato Soup


The exciting variations that come with this soup are equally mouthwatering and tantalizing. If you are not able to get your hands on butternut squash or sweet potato, you could substitute with either pumpkin and with normal potatoes.


Butternut squash and sweet potato.

The final additions of honey, black pepper and cinnamon can also be substituted with curry powder, for an Asian edge. In this case, having some warm naan instead of the usual bread on the side will be absolutely heavenly. Either way, the choice is yours.

This soup is the perfect starter of a meal. And can be made in large volumes for parties and gatherings. However, as this soup is so good on its own, it is also wonderful as a meal substitute, and can be enjoyed alone, in private, while watching TV or movies.

Bear Naked Food Best Butternut and Sweet Potato Soup


Whatever the situation, this soup is always a good reason to have around. For people with tight schedules, a batch of soup can be made in advance and stored in the fridge or freezer. Just heat up a portion whenever necessary, and enjoy.

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quick and how to make easy homemade miso soup

Quick and Easy Homemade Miso Soup


Besides having a rich comforting taste, Miso Soup is well known for its anticancer effects and positive beneficial enzymes which helps improve digestion.

Bear Naked Food Quick and Easy Homemade Miso Soup


I love making my own miso soup as I could customize the taste to suit our palettes. Besides using the basic ingredients like wakame (kelp) and tofu, you could add in daikon, carrot or clams to heighten the umami-ness of the soup.

I'm using white miso paste.

I’m using white miso paste.

The best part of making this quick and easy homemade miso soup is it’ll take you only 10 minutes from start to end. I’m using white miso paste for a delicately flavored taste. You could definitely use red miso too (or a blend of both white and red) if you prefer a darker and punchier soup.

Bear Naked Food Quick and Easy Homemade Miso Soup


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Bear Naked Food Imitation shark fin soup

Imitation Shark Fin Soup 碗仔翅


Since saying no to shark finning years ago, we have been carefully avoiding shark fin soup at wedding banquets and celebratory occasions. Consuming shark fin is cruel and unnecessary. In fact, shark fin itself is rather tasteless. The flavor comes mainly from the broth, which is made with chicken stock.

Bear Naked Food Imitation shark fin soup


Whenever I visit Hong Kong, I’d always come across this imitation shark fin soup 碗仔翅 sold by street hawkers. At HK$15 (approx. S$3) a bowl, they are shark-friendly and taste pretty genuine. Mung bean vermicelli or glass noodles is used instead to mimic the shark fin’s chewy and gelatinous texture.

Also known as

Also known as glass noodles (tang hoon).

Oh, instead of using regular corn starch to thicken the soup, I’m using water chestnut powder. It gives the soup that signature clear translucent texture. If water chestnut flour is not available, feel free to use corn starch.

Water chestnut powder.

Water chestnut flour.

This soup is incredibly easy to make and keep well in the freezer. Simply thaw the required portion and heat them up over the stove.


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Huiji WaistBear Naked Food Tonic Herbal Duck Noodles

30 days Journey with Huiji Waist Tonic x Herbal Duck Noodles


About a month ago, I’ve embarked on a 30 days-with-Huiji-Waist-Tonic Journey. Basically, I consumed a capful of the herbal tonic twice a day, for 30 days.

Bear Naked Food Huiji Waist Tonic Review

Now, prior to this post, I’ve definitely heard of Huiji Waist Tonic and had always associated it as “something good” for the waist (as the name suggests). And I was not wrong. It helps to alleviate backache and strengthen your waist, especially vital for working adults constantly clocking in long hours at their desks.

Bear Naked Food Huiji Waist Tonic Review

But that’s not all, there are more benefits you could enjoy from regular consumption of this very mild tasting, alcohol and sugar-free tonic:

√ Overcome fatigue, nourish vital energy and promote blood circulation
√ Nourish and darken the hair naturally
√ Suitable for confinement and breastfeeding moms to restore health and energy level
√ Vegetarian and Halal certified
√ Can be added to soups and dishes

You may wonder how a waist tonic could be of help with these symptoms. This is due to the use of 100% natural premium herbs that have medicinal and toning properties – Cordyceps, Duzhong, Dang Gui, Shouwu, Dazao and Ginseng.

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Bear Naked Food roasted garlic tomato soup

Roasted Garlic Tomato Soup


Nothing beats a rich, comforting bowl of piping hot soup on a rainy day and this roasted garlic tomato soup just hit all the right notes for me. It has been raining quite a fair bit recently, which is a little unusual in June but oh well, that’s tropical weather for you.



Although it just took me 20 minutes to make this, there is no compromise on taste. At least according to my daughter, who is a huge fan of tomato soup. The addition of the roasted garlic lends another dimension to the silky, zesty flavored broth.


1 can whole plum tomato
1 head garlic
½ yellow onion – chopped finely
500 ml vegetable stock
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
Black pepper to taste
Olive oil / vegetable oil

Serves 4

The line up.

The line up.

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