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Yentafo Kruengsonge Kallang Wave Mall

Food Review: Yentafo Kruengsonge – famous Thailand’s Pink Noodles at Kallang Wave Mall


If you are a regular traveler to Bangkok, you would be familiar with Yentafo – a distinctively pink noodle dish in Thailand. The “pinkiness” comes from the fermented soybean paste added to the soup. It imparts a distinctive sweetness and essence to the broth.



Although it’s not as popular as Thai Boat Noodles, Yentafo is a staple choice of noodles amongst the locals.



If you are not aware, Yentafo Kruengsonge is an authentic Thai yentafo brand with 28 outlets in Thailand and two in Laos. In Singapore, this is the third outlet after the opening of its first outlet at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard in November last year. The second outlet is at One@KentRidge.


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Kai Garden Cantonese Restaurant

Food Review: Kai Garden at Marina Square


Well known for their exquisite and excellent dim sum, Kai Garden has become the latest addition to my list of favorite Cantonese restaurants. The powerhouse duo responsible for expertly reinventing the Cantonese classics dishes are none other than Chef Fung Chi Keung and Chef Lau Chi Keung, both formerly colleagues from Paradise Group.



Kai Garden is accented with modern and elegant deco-style touches, adopting gratuitous chinoiserie elements. The space is also deceptively large – with two dining rooms and 4 private rooms.


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Hansul Korean Dining Bar food review

Food Review: Hansul Korean Dining Bar – Modern Korean Drinking and Dining Experience in Tanjong Pagar


Hansul Korean Dining Bar is the latest addition to hit the Korean themed dining scene in Tanjong Pagar. Officially opened in Jan 2017, entrepreneur / owner Haden Hee plans to revolutionize the Korean dining scene in our city.

Hansul means ‘bottoms up’ in Korean and it houses the most extensive selection of Korean liqueurs in Singapore. In Korea, the drinking plus food culture is an essential element, most of the dining bars stay open till the wee hours and so does Hansul – the daily operating hours are from 5pm – 6am.


I’m a huge fan of Makgeolli (rice wine) and the range of flavors available here is pretty impressive.

Peach Makgeolli, Seoljungmae, Choga Woori Rice Makgeolli, Cha Eul Su Rok (Apple Soju)

Extensive range of Korean liqueurs not found anyway else in Singapore.


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RedRing Treasures Cutlet Noodles Wisma Atria

Food Review: RedRing Treasures Cutlet Noodles


RedRing Treasures can now be found at Wisma Atria. This delightful noodle store had humble beginnings in Holland Drive and is renowned for its signature ‘red sauce’ doused on its noodles. Now, it is famous for its crispy fried chicken, pork and fish cutlets, and the countless variations that come with it.

RedRing Treasures Cutlet Noodles Wisma Atria


RedRing Treasures is made special by the fact that its signature sauce and cutlets were developed by a chemistry student. Thus adding a special X factor to its food. If you want to experience how science can be factored into culinary, look no further than RedRing Treasures.

RedRing Treasures Cutlet Noodles Wisma Atria

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Tai Cheong Bakery Holland Village food review

Food Review: Tai Cheong Bakery at Holland Village (Singapore)


Renowned Hong Kong bakery Tai Cheong Bakery has recently opened its doors at Holland Village. Serving their signature egg tarts, Tai Cheong Bakery in Holland Village is also dishing out a range of mouthwatering cha chaan teng dishes. For the unfamiliar, cha chaan tengs are Hong Kong style coffee shops which serve a range of rice, noodle and western style dishes. Reflecting the historical cultural mix of east and west that defines Hong Kong today.

Macaroni Soup with

Three Macaroni Soup with Luncheon Meat, $8.50.

Commonly eaten during breakfast or brunch in Hong Kong but also available throughout the day, this Three Macaroni Soup with Luncheon Meat is a perfect example of the Hong Kong take on Italian macaroni. Served in a tomato based broth and topped with three eggs and crispy luncheon meat, this light and comforting bowl of goodness is definitely not one to be missed.

Hong Kong Style French Toast

Hong Kong Style French Toast, $6.50.

Those who have eaten French toast in Hong Kong will understand how thick and fluffy Hong Kong style French Toast can be. Often served with a square of cold butter that has started melting on the hot bread once served, all the diner has to do is drench this sinful delight in the sweet pleasures of amber maple syrup. The perfect blend of salty and sweet. Not recommended for those who are on a diet.



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