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July 1, 2016
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Review: #KrugxEgg – The House of Krug Puts the Egg into the Limelight

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? According to archaeologists, the latter.

On 23rd June 2016, the House of Krug launches its book – Poached, Scrambled or Fried? in Singapore, featuring an essential ingredient that might be considered simple – egg.

photo credit:

Photo credit: Jenny Zarins.

Thanks to seventeen of the world’s highly talented Krug Ambassade Chefs, their inspirational and unique egg-based creations, paired with Krug Grande Cuvée are seamlessly brilliant and complex.

photo credit

Photo credit: Jenny Zarins.


The Krug Ambassade Chefs featured in “Poached, Scrambled or Fried?” include:
Christopher Millar (Stellar at 1-Altitude, Singapore)
Kirk Westaway (Jaan, Singapore)
Ryan Clift (Tippling Club, Singapore)
Umberto Bombana (81⁄2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana, Hong Kong)
Vivien Durand (Le Prince Noir, France)
Hiroyuki Kanda (Kanda, Japan)
Arnaud Lallement (L’Assiette Champenoise, France)
Bert Meewis (Slagmolen, Belgium)
Michael O’Hare (Man Behind The Curtain, UK)
Uwe Opocensky (Mandarin Grill & Bar, Hong Kong)
Tim Raue (Tim Raue, Germany)
Yosuke Suga (Sugalabo, Japan)
Nurdin Topham (Nur, Hong Kong)
Leonardo Vescera (Il Capriccio, Italy)
Torsten Vildgaard (Studio, Denmark)
Michael White (Marea, US)
James Won (Enfin By James Won, Malaysia)

“Champagne is the perfect accompaniment for egg dishes. The bubbles in Krug Grande Cuvée along with its light sweet yet dry flavour help cut through the creaminess of the egg. It creates a beautiful cleansing finish.” – Ryan Clift

Indeed it was when I attended the exclusive dinner held at JAAN last week.



Three Singapore Krug Ambassades featured in Poached, Scrambled or Fried? Christopher Millar of Stellar at 1-Altitude, Kirk Westaway of Jaan, and Ryan Clift of Tippling Club came together that night and unleashed their creativity. The resulting creations match beautifully with the House of Krug.

From left to right: Christopher Millar (Stellar), Ryan Clift (Tipping Club), Kirk Westaway (JANN), Ian McLernon.

From left to right: Christopher Millar (Stellar at 1-Altitude), Ryan Clift (Tipping Club), Kirk Westaway (JAAN), Ian McLernon.



Liquified omelette

Liquified Omelette with Smoked Eel & Crispy Shallots by Ryan Clift, Tippling Club (photo credit: Jenny Zarins)

Paired with Krug Grande Cuvée 159th EDITION

Before this dish arrived, I was running different images in my head of how this liquified omelette would look like. Let’s just say I was quite far off the charts. The smooth creamy texture of the omelette was extremely light and that paired harmoniously with the robust smoky eel. The boldness from the Krug Grande Cuvée re-balanced my palette after each bite.


Carabinero Prawn ‘Carbonara’ with Parmesan Cream, Egg Yolk in Smoked Oil, Bacon Ash by Christopher Millar of Stellar at 1-Altitude (photo credit: Jenny Zarins)

Paired with Krug Grande Cuvée 159th EDITION

As Chef Christopher Millar has warned us this dish was nothing like the usual carbonara, I literally sat back and prepared myself to be wowed. I almost felt guilty for sinking my fork into the perfectly poached egg yolk. Thankfully, the sweetness from the carabinero prawn did not steal the limelight away from the velvety yolk.


Purple Artichoke, Soft Hen’s Egg with Joselito Ham by Kirk Westaway of JAAN (phot credit: Jenny Zarins)

Paired with Krug Grande Cuvée 159th EDITION

This dish arrived with great fanfare.

Th soft hens' eggs were serving sitting on a basket of dry ice.

Th soft hens’ eggs were served sitting on a basket of dry ice.

The dry ice effect never fails to draw attention and sent us clicking away with our cameras like hungry paparazzi. And yes, it tasted as good as it looked, leaving me with little to complain.

Grand Finale consists of a trio of desserts specially put together by the 3 chefs.

Grand Finale consisted of a trio of desserts specially put together by the 3 chefs.

The KrugxEgg-perience will be available at all Krug Ambassades restaurants throughout 2016 until further notice.

For portraits and recipes from the collection, please visit www.krug.com

*This is a collaborated post with House of Krug.


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