Chitose Agriculture Initiative Recipe Collaboration: Salted Egg Golden Butternut

Posted: February 17, 2017
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The second ingredient I’ve chosen from CAI’s omakase box is the Butternut (Ishikawa).

Beautiful shade of orange.

Beautiful shade of orange.

Butternut, also known as Butternut Squash, is high in B-carotene, Potassium and Dietary Fibre, Butternut prevents cold and infectious diseases, cancer, high blood pressure and skin problems. Taste wise, Butternut have a smooth texture with a nutty flavor. Although they are good for making soup, they are also perfect for stir-fry or deep fry.


Use a vegetable peel to remove the skin.

The use of salted egg in food is so common these days, you could literally coat this highly addictive sauce with everything. This Salted Egg Golden Butternut is an adaptation from the popular Zi Char dish – Salted Egg Pumpkin (“Cook like a Chef by Chef Chay” ) found commonly in Zi Char stalls or Seafood restaurants. Zi Char stalls are usually no frills kind of eateries, known for dishing out wide variety and wallet-friendly Singapore home-style food.

Bear Naked Food Salted Egg Golden Butternut


This Salted Egg Golden Butternut receives so many compliments from my taste testers, I’m really eager to share it with everyone. This dish tastes best when serve immediately and in order for the butternut to remain crisp, you have to refry the pumpkin twice to remove excess oil. Also, to avoid that sandy mouthfeel in the salted egg yolk sauce, you must have the patience to cook the salted egg yolks over low heat till foamy before coating them onto the fried butternut.

Bear Naked Food Salted Egg Golden Butternut




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